Packed full of functionality...

Field Service 4U is packed full of the following features – simply click on each feature below for more information on each:

Task Lists

This is the place to see everything that you need to do by today including:

  • Tasks that you’ve either set for yourself or that someone else has given you to do
  • Phone calls that you need to make
  • Appointments that you need to be at
  • Jobs that you should be working on

Additionally, if you’re an “Admin” user then there’s an option for you to see all these things for everyone in your company that’s using our App!


Think of this as an interactive job calendar where you can:

  • See all your jobs that are being quoted, waiting to be scheduled, scheduled or in progress in either a day, week or month view
  • Change the scheduled start of the job by simply pushing and holding it and then sliding it to the time and/or date that you want it to be moved to

In addition, if you’re an “Admin” user you can also:

  • See all the jobs assigned to all the people in your company that are using our App
  • Move any of these jobs around
  • Create a new job by simply pushing and holding anywhere on the calendar!


Need to be able to generate and print or email a quote to a Customer? That’s exactly what this gives you. As long as you’ve uploaded your company’s logo, you’ll see that on there too!


Imagine you’ve just finished a job for a Customer and you’re about to head off home to do the paperwork. Well now your life just got a whole lot easier. A few clicks and your invoice is winging its way to the customers email inbox!

Job History

One of the beauties of our App is that we keep all the history of everything you’re doing or have done, right where you would expect to find it. Want to see what work you did a year ago for a particular customer? No problem, open the customers record and it’s all there; jobs, certificates, quotes and invoices! Not only that, but because our App allows you to take and store pictures as well as uploading other documents/files, you’ll have everything you need to refresh your memory right at hand!


Are you a Gas Engineer? Well the good news is that not only can you manage your quotes, jobs and invoices but you can also generate Gas Certificates that can be signed and printed/emailed to your customer all from within the App! We’ve currently got the following pre-built and are looking to add more!:

  • Air Source Servicing and Maintenance Checklist
  • CD11 Oil Firing Servicing & Commissioning
  • Commercial Catering Inspection Record
  • Commissioning for Selecting Report
  • Continuation for Appliances and Defects
  • Domestic Landlord Gas Safety Record
  • Gas Installation Safety Report
  • Gas Service Breakdown Record
  • Gas Service Maintenance Checklist
  • Gas Testing and Purging (Non-Domestic)
  • Gas Warning Advice Notice
  • Legionella Risk Assessment
  • Leisure Industry Gas Safety Record
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas Safety Record
  • Mains Pressure Hot Water Storage System Commissioning Checklist
  • Non-Domestic Gas Safety Record
  • Plant Commissioning and Servicing (Non-Domestic) Record

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